Why You Need a UV Printer or a DTG Printer?

We all need a printer nowadays. There was a time when you can visit the nearest cyber café and print out whatever you want. But now, you need it in your home. Children and even college students have to make so many assignments in a year. It is good if you have it in your home.

It is even better if you have a UV Printer or a DTG Printer. So what exactly is UV Printer and DTG Printer?

Let us dive into details of each in this article. What is UV Printer? As the name suggests, UV Printer makes use of ultraviolet light to dry the ink in your printing process. A UV light source is attached to the print carriage which can follow your print head. These can be used for instant curing of the ink. These can be used to draw graphics on a variety of surfaces including glass, plastic and even metal.

They are much better than traditional ones both in terms of performance and design. Here are some of the major benefits of using a UV printer: Environmental Safety: They release almost zero Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs). This makes them very environment-friendly. Faster Production Speeds: The ink is cured instantly. You don't have to stand near the café and wait for it to dry. Moreover, printing with UV Printers requires minimal labor. These two factors enable you to get more things done in less time.

Lower Costs: 

The cost is much lower because there is no need for finishing, mounting or using additional material to protect the ink. UV Printers prints directly to the substrate. What is a DTG Printer? DTG Printer stands for direct to garment printer. With the advancement in technology, the printing industry has moved from using traditional printers to using DTG printer for printing patterns on t-shirts and other garments.

They are much better and efficient than screen patterns because it requires less time and effort. These are made using high definition printing technology that reduces ink consumption. This again reduces the cost of printing. It is estimated that the top players in the industry can reduce ink consumption by at least 30%! These machines can print on multiple fabrics from light to dark. These come with ink recirculation technology, which allows it to do more work than the screen printers.

These can be used on a wide range of fabrics using cotton, Lycra, Polyester, and Viscose. These can even be used to print on multiple garments at the same time. You can use these printers to print on any garment. You can print on towels, apparel, blankets, etc. These printers are made using the latest printing technology that allows you to print across zips, pockets and buttons. Although screen printers are not going anywhere, DTG printers are growing in popularity. If you want to buy a UV Printer or a DTG Printer you should buy it from Gnfei only. I highly recommend you to use these printers once.

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